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Divorce Mediator Alik Segal has been an attorney since 1994, has been a mediator since 1998 and has been a certified court mediator since 2005.  In 2016, Alik has received a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy.  (See resume)

Since divorce is a legal, financial, and emotional minefield, Alik’s unique education, training and experience prepared him to help you get through this ordeal with the least amount of money spent and the least emotional trauma experienced by you and your children.

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Alik graduated UCLA School of Law and passed the California bar in 1994.  Since then he has worked in financial areas of the law such as divorce, bankruptcy, and estate planning.  Alik continues to give back to the community and currently, in addition to working as a divorce mediator, is volunteering as an attorney at a local family law legal aid clinics.  Since Alik was certified as a court mediator by the Los Angeles County Bar Association in 2005, in every dispute he mediated, he has applied his innate sensitivity, caring, intelligence, logic and creativity to help parties find solutions they could not see before.

The conflict’s grip is strong.  When conflict enters a person’s life, it sends deep roots.  Solving your own conflicts by yourself is, in many ways, like pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.  As a certified court mediator with hundreds of hour of training and extensive experience, Alik can help parties understand their options and select the best alternatives they have.  As a divorce mediator and an attorney Alik can spot legal issues that help divorcing spouses to arrange their affairs in such a way that minimizes taxes and maximize pension benefits by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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As part of education and training required for the MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and as a paraprofessional counselor at Southern California Counseling Center, Alik has worked thousands of hours providing psychotherapy and counseling with individuals (both teens and adults), couples, and families.   This experience was invaluable to enrich his mediation techniques and enhance the skills and vision with which these techniques are performed.

People going through divorce are swept up in a twister of powerful emotions. They are

  • angry at the other spouse and at themselves;
  • grieving the loss of their most important relationship;
  • worrying about their children, about money, and about being alone for the rest of their lives;
  • and finally are feeling hopeful about ending conflict and starting a new life as a single person.

Few mediators who are attorneys can grasp the drama and the hope of a person going through a divorce and make them feel understood.  Few can actually help clients see clearly through a whirlwind of overwhelming emotions and get into a positive productive mindset to make difficult, life-changing decisions.  With empathy, knowledge, and wisdom, Alik can guide clients going through a divorce around pitfalls and toward good legal, financial, and family decisions.


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