What Documents Do We Need for the Divorce Process?

Financial information lives on paper and in computer files.  To understand your financial situation better look at these documents:

  1. At least three years of income tax returns for both spouses (If you don’t have a copy see here:  https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/how-to-get-a-transcript-or-copy-of-a-prior-year-tax-return)
  2. Financial statements for both spouses
  3. Information about investments (provide a copy of the latest statement for each investment)
  4. Details on retirement/employee benefits
  5. Most recent two months of paychecks
  6. Bank account statements (joint and separate)
  7. Credit Card statements (joint and separate)
  8. Household bills and receipts
  9. Child or spousal support paid or received
  10. Insurance information
  11. Any other documents that shed light on your financial information

The Sane Divorce